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Opening in 1899, the Porterdale Mill prospered into the 1960s becoming the world’s largest producer of twine. Low priced global competition forced its closing in the early 1970s causing the small town of Porterdale to decline. In 2006 the Porterdale Mill has been transformed into the Porterdale Mill Lofts, with residential, retail, and live/work spaces in a community designed for young families and singles, professionals and artists, small and independent retailers and business owners and anyone seeking a genuinely unique contemporary lifestyle.

Forty minutes from Atlanta and only a few miles from Covington and Conyers, the Lofts are at the gateway to rural Georgia. They showcase materials and craftsmanship of another era. Support beams made of the heartwood of mature southern yellow pines are still used in much of the Cotton Warehouse and Mill Building. Also called longleaf pines, these trees are now very rare and almost always protected, which makes the crafting of beams like these nearly impossible today. Many hallways and residences in the Mill building feature original maple flooring. Having survived seven decades of intense industrial use and thirty-five years of neglect, these floors, now fully refinished are resplendent examples of craftsmanship

In creating a new economic hub for Porterdale where the old one once stood, the Porterdale Mill Lofts will help build a new sense of community and, with a respectful nod to Porterdale’s vibrant past, inspire a new vision for the town’s future.